June 23, 2016

Trump Goes After Hillary’s ‘I’m With Her’ Slogan: ‘I’m With You, The American People’

Speaking from Trump SoHo in New York City on Wednesday, the presumptive Republican nominee said, “God, help us” if Clinton is elected president.

“Together, she and Bill made $153 million giving speeches to lobbyists, CEOs and foreign governments in the years since 2001,” Trump said. “They totally own her, and that will never ever change, including if she ever became president — God, help us.”

“The choice in this election is a choice between taking our government back from the special interests, or surrendering really the last scrap of independence to thE total and complete control of people like the Clintons. Those are the stakes,” he said.

“Hillary Clinton wants to be president. But she doesn’t have the temperament, or, as Bernie Sanders’ said very strongly, the judgment, to be president,” Trump said.

Trump said that the former secretary of state “believes she is entitled to the office.”

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