February 5, 2016

Border Patrol Agent: We Will Be Terminated If We Try To Enforce The Law

A top Border Patrol agent revealed Thursday that if border agents follow the law and ask illegal aliens why they are coming to the U.S. they will be terminated.

The Border Patrol previously had a policy of “catch and release” that drew the ire of Border Patrol agents: “These orders are called Notices to Appear (NTA). The only problem, however, is that these official orders are usually ignored; so much so that Border Patrol Agents have dubbed them Notices to Disappear,” Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council testified.

“The latest data that I have seen shows that approximately 40 percent of the individuals being issued NTAs do not show up. The willful failure to show up for court appearances by persons that were arrested and released by the Border Patrol has become an extreme embarrassment for the Department of Homeland Security,” he said.

Eventually the DHS implemented a new policy that was even easier for illegals to exploit. The policy makes mandatory the release of any person arrested by the Border Patrol for being in the country illegally as long as they don’t have a felony conviction and claim they have been in the U.S. continuously since January 2014.

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February 4, 2016

Why Did The Government Prosecute This Original NSA Whistleblower?

A new initiative has been launched to uncover what really went on behind-the-scenes during the government’s high profile prosecution of Thomas Drake, a decorated National Security Agency whistleblower who disclosed details about a government domestic surveillance program.

The James Madison Project filed a Freedom of Information Act suit before the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia Jan. 22 that sought documents about Drake’s highly unusual prosecution.

Mark Zaid, executive director of the project, told The Daily Caller News Foundation that the Drake case represented an attempt by government officials to send a chilling message to other national security whistleblowers, especially those  concerned about domestic surveillance programs.

“A lot of it also had to do with sending a message to others who had information about surveillance programs to shut up,” Zaid said.  “The last thing we want for any national security whistleblower is to think there are no viable alternatives to pursue before illegally disclosing information,” he said.  Zaid also is an attorney who has represented many national security officials in federal court.

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February 3, 2016

Obama wants to quadruple military spending in Europe to counter Russian aggression

In another acknowledgment that sanctions and diplomacy haven’t deterred Russian aggression in Eastern Europe, the Obama administration said Tuesday it wants to quadruple military spending in Europe to reassure NATO allies still anxious over Moscow’s intervention in Ukraine.

The spending would increase to $3.4 billion under the new plan, which will be introduced next week as part of Mr. Obama’s final budget.

Having been unable to dislodge Russian President Vladimir Putin’s proxy forces from Ukraine through diplomacy, Mr. Obama now wants to spend the extra money on “continuous U.S. armored brigade rotations” through stations in Central and Eastern Europe, beefed-up U.S. participation in NATO military exercises and the deployment of more combat vehicles and supplies.

The president said the move “should make clear that America will stand firm with its allies in defending not just NATO territory but also shared principles of international law and order.” He plans to prod allies to ratchet up their own contributions to the military alliance at an upcoming NATO conference in Poland.

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February 2, 2016

Cheryl Mills Refused To Speak To State Dept. Investigators About Hillary’s Email Account

Hillary Clinton’s former chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, refused to speak to investigators with the State Department’s Office of the Inspector General about her handling of a 2012 public records request for information about Clinton’s private email addresses that the agency falsely denied.

That’s according Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, who sent letters last week to Secretary of State John Kerry and the State Department’s inspector general Steve Linick, in response to a report Linick’s office released last month about the State Department’s mishandling of Freedom of Information Act requests for records pertaining to Clinton’s email account and private email system.

Mills was identified in that report — though by job title and not by name — as having handled a December 2012 FOIA request filed by the watchdog group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, for information about Clinton’s email addresses.

Linick labeled the State Department’s handling and subsequent denial of the request — which was handed down in May 2013 — “inaccurate and incomplete.” The report noted that the FOIA request was denied even though Clinton clearly had a personal email account which Mills and many other officials knew about at the time.

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February 1, 2016

Soros Gives $6 Million To Save Hillary On Eve Of Iowa

Last May, Hillary Clinton said, “I will do everything I can to appoint Supreme Court justices who protect the right to vote and do not protect the right of billionaires to buy elections.” Yet on the eve of the Iowa caucus, liberal billionaire George Soros is hoping a $6 million donation to a super PAC supporting Clinton’s candidacy will be the difference maker in the Hawkeye State.

The Soros donation was given to Priorities USA Action, a Clinton-alligned super PAC. The PAC reported $36 million in the bank at the beginning of 2016.

The $6 million check from the controversial billionaire follows a $1 million donation he previously gave the the group and another $1 million donation to another pro-Clinton super PAC American Bridge 21st Century, bringing the billionaire’s total to $8 million given to help elect Hillary Clinton.

Just under two weeks ago, Clinton condemned “big-money donors” in politics and pledged to overturn the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court. On January 21, 2016, she wrote:

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January 29, 2016

Former House Oversight chairman: 'FBI director would like to indict Clinton and Abedin'

California Congressman Darrell Issa, who previously led an investigation into Benghazi as former chairman of the House Oversight Committee, says the FBI "would like to indict both Huma [Abedin] and Hillary Clinton" for conducting sensitive government business on an unsecure, private email server.

"I think the FBI director would like to indict both Huma and Hillary as we speak," the Republican heavyweight told the Washington Examiner Thursday, during a debate watch-party at Florida Sen. Marco Rubio's New Hampshire campaign headquarters.

"I think he's in a position where he's being forced to triple-time make a case of what would otherwise be, what they call, a slam dunk," Issa said, referring to FBI Director James Comey, who previously told the Senate Judiciary Committee he would conduct a "competent," "honest" and "independent" probe into Clinton's handling of classified information during her tenure as secretary of state.

Still, Issa suggested Clinton's wrongdoing is obvious.

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January 28, 2016

IRS’s New Ethics Chief Once Ordered Records Be Illegally Destroyed

The new head of the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) ethics office once oversaw the illegal shredding of documents sought by the federal tax agency’s inspector general (IG), and allegedly retaliated on the colleague he believed snitched on him about it.

Stephen Whitlock was named director of the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) in August 2015. The OPR supports “effective tax administration by ensuring all tax practitioners, tax-preparers, and other third parties in the tax system adhere to professional standards and follow the law,” according to the agency’s web site.

Whitlock’s chief of operations was, until recently, a former tax enforcement agent who attempted to avoid government payments by declaring bankruptcy and who even lost his official sidearm in a bar fight.

Additionally, in this newly-appointed 7-person leadership team are two of Lois Lerner’s former top deputies, at least one of whom was involved in the targeting of conservative and Tea Party non-profit applicants. Records of those activities also mysteriously disappeared after Congress began investigations in 2013.

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January 27, 2016

Five Things The Liberal Media Won’t Tell You About The CMP Indictment

Planned Parenthood supporters are doing a victory lap Tuesday after news broke that a Texas investigation into the non-profit over fetal tissue dealings exposed by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) resulted in the indictment of the top CMP figures behind the videos.

Here are five points regarding the indictment the mainstream media won’t bother to point out.

It’s not surprising Planned Parenthood was cleared of all wrongdoing.

News of the indictment shocked the pro-life world, but it’s not surprising that Planned Parenthood was cleared of wrongdoing. A number of states have investigated and cleared Planned Parenthood already, including Massachusetts, Indiana and Georgia.

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January 26, 2016

State Dept. Official Brags Hillary Clinton Sent Sensitive Info by Email

Fox News has uncovered a video from 2013 that could cause huge legal problems for Hillary Clinton and her closest deputies.

In the video, seen a little over one minute into the clip below, former Under Secretary of State Wendy Sherman boasts that BlackBerry mobile phone technology allowed top State Department officials to share information “that would never be on an unclassified system.”

But that’s exactly the kind of material that, by law, should never have been allowed on an unclassified system, such as a BlackBerry, and should never have been on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s highly irregular, unsecured private email server.

“Now we have BlackBerrys, and it has changed the way diplomacy is done,” Sherman told her audience at an American Foreign Service Association event in 2013. “Things appear on your BlackBerrys that would never be on an unclassified system. But you’re out traveling, you’re trying to negotiate something. You want to communicate with people, it’s the fastest way to do it.”

Sherman went on to recall that, during a meeting between Hillary Clinton and Lady Ashton of the European Union at the United Nations General Assembly in 2011, “they sat there, as they were having the meeting, with their BlackBerrys, transferring language back and forth between them and between their aides to multitask in quite a new fashion, to have the meeting and, at the same time, be working on the quartet statement.”

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January 25, 2016

Is Donald Trump Conservative? Here’s the Rundown

This week, Senator Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)  has bashed Trump for insufficient conservatism. He explained, “Donald’s record does not match what he says as a candidate.” Cruz isn’t the only one. Last month, Rush Limbaugh said that Trump’s attacks on Cruz reflected the fact that he was not a “genuine conservative.” Mark Levin said in 2011, “Trump is NOT the real deal… He is not a conservative. He was happy to donate to Schumer, Weiner & Emanuel campaigns last year. He was pro-choice recently and now claims to be pro-life. He sounds more and more like Ross Perot.” Andrew Breitbart said at the time, “Of course he’s not a conservative. He was for Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) before he was against Nancy Pelosi.”

I don’t believe Trump is a conservative either; I’ve said that repeatedly. Full disclosure: I’ve also said that I would vote for Ted Cruz if the primaries took place today. I’ve also said that Trump channels conservative anger against the establishment brilliantly, and that he has become a vessel for much-needed conversations on immigration.

With all that said, it’s worthwhile exploring Trump’s worldview. To do that, we must separate two elements of that worldview: his current positions, and his historic positions. The first goes to supposed conservatism, and the second goes to credibility – even if he says he’s conservative today, should you believe him?

We’ll go through the issues here (thanks to Conservative Review for a handy guide to Trump’s positions as well). We report, you decide:

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January 22, 2016

National Review Pens Letter to Conservatives: Don’t Vote for Trump

National Review is publishing a special edition of the magazine that argues against Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, saying he is “not deserving of conservative support in the caucuses and primaries.”

The new issue of the long-established conservative magazine is headlined “Against Trump” and includes essays from conservative pundits and writers explaining their opposition to Trump’s candidacy.

But the overall theme is very clear: “Trump is a philosophically unmoored political opportunist who would trash the broad conservative ideological consensus within the GOP in favor of a free-floating populism with strong-man overtones,” says the editorial that leads the issue.

The authors argue that Trump isn’t consistent in his views:

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January 21, 2016

Rush Limbaugh: ‘Nationalism and Populism Have Overtaken Conservatism in Terms of Appeal’

On his show on Wednesday, conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh offered his analysis of Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump’s rise, which he argued wasn’t a sign that conservative orthodoxy was winning the day, but instead it is a pushback against the modern-day Democratic Party and President Barack Obama.

And that according to Limbaugh is a sign of the rise of nationalism and populism overtaking conservatism.

“What’s happening here, nationalism, dirty word, ooh, people hate it, populism, even dirtier word,” Limbaugh said. “Nationalism and populism have overtaken conservatism in terms of appeal.  And when this has happened, when it exposes — what people in Washington are afraid of —  and that that is, you know, all this money we’ve asked people to send us and all these donations people have made, this movement, promote that movement, where is conservatism in Washington, they’re asking.  Where is it?  The Republican Party isn’t conservative.  Where are all these conservative people that are contributing to policy being implemented in Congress or in the Senate?  They don’t see it.”

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January 20, 2016

New Anthony Weiner Documentary Offers Window onto Hillary

Spare some sympathy for Anthony Weiner: had he been elected Mayor of New York in 2013, the city would be in better shape than under arch-leftist Bill de Blasio.

Weiner was undone by a return to the sexting–and, more particularly, the cover-ups–that destroyed his congressional career. Now, Weiner, a new documentary, tells the story of that second implosion, and how it affected Weiner’s marriage to long-serving Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

This is not Weiner’s first turn on the silver screen. He made his debut at the end of Hating Breitbart, the Andrew Marcus documentary about the founder of this website, but appears only in an epilogue, as credits roll.

In 2012, screenwriter Aaron Sorkin portrayed “Weinergate” in an episode of HBO’s Newsroom–one that distorted history to demonize new media and the woman who reluctantly came forward with the damning evidence. (If you want to know the real story, as told by Andrew Breitbart himself and not in Sorkin’s rewrite, you can read it here.)

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January 19, 2016

RNC dumps NBC News, teams with CNN for Super Tuesday debate

The Republican National Committee announced Monday that the Super Tuesday debate will be stripped from NBC News and given to CNN.

The RNC already had suspended ties with NBC News over bias in the handling of an earlier candidate forum by CNBC, but the status of the Feb. 25 debate in Houston had remained in limbo.

In a statement Monday afternoon, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said the party “has decided to move forward without NBC’s participation [and] … has awarded the debate to CNN, who will broadcast it … in Houston at a location to be decided.”

The debate will come less than a week before voters in Texas and 13 other states vote in the biggest day on the Republican presidential primary calendar.

Despite the RNC’s refusal to deal with NBC, one of the debate partners will be Telemundo, an NBC-owned Spanish-language network.

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January 18, 2016

The FBI’s Criminal Investigations regarding Hillary Clinton. Two Smoking Guns: Espionage and Corruption

The federal criminal investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s failure to secure state secrets was ratcheted up earlier this week, and at the same time, the existence of a parallel criminal investigation of another aspect of her behavior was made known. This is the second publicly revealed expansion of the FBI’s investigations in two months.

I have argued for two months that Clinton’s legal woes are either grave or worse than grave. That argument has been based on the hard, now public evidence of her failure to safeguard national security secrets and the known manner in which the Department of Justice addresses these failures.

The failure to safeguard state secrets is an area of the law in which the federal government has been aggressive to the point of being merciless. State secrets are the product of members of the intelligence community’s risking their lives to obtain information.

Before she was entrusted with any state secrets – indeed, on her first full day as secretary of state – Clinton received instruction from FBI agents on how to safeguard them; and she signed an oath swearing to comply with the laws commanding the safekeeping of these secrets. She was warned that the failure to safeguard secrets – known as espionage – would most likely result in aggressive prosecution.

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January 15, 2016

Cruz To Trump: ‘Not a Lot of Conservatives Come Out of Manhattan’

Republican presidential candidates Texas Senator Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)  told fellow candidate Donald Trump “not a lot of conservatives come out of Manhattan” during Thursday’s GOP primetime debate on the Fox Business Network.

Cruz, in response to a question as to what he meant when he said Trump “embodies New York values,” stated, that “values in New York City are socially liberal” and “focus around money and the media. He continued, “Not too many years ago, Donald did a long interview with Tim Russert, and in that interview he explained his views on a whole host of issues, that were very, very different from the views he’s describing now. And his explanation, he said, look, I’m from New York, that’s what we believe in New York. Those aren’t Iowa values, but this is what we believe in New York. And so, that was his explanation.”

He then added, “I guess I can frame it another way, not a lot of conservatives come out of Manhattan. I’m just saying.” A seeming reference to Trump saying, “not many evangelicals come out of Cuba.”

Trump responded, “So, conservatives actually do come out of Manhattan, including William F. Buckley and others, just so you understand. And just so — if i could, because he insulted a lot of people. I’ve had more calls on that statement that Ted made, that New York is a great place, it’s got great people, it’s got loving people, wonderful people. When the World Trade Center came down, I saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, more humanely than New York.  You had two 110-story buildings come crashing down, I saw them come down, thousands of people killed, and the cleanup started the next day, and it was the most horrific cleanup, probably in the history of doing this, and in construction, I was down there. And I’ve never seen anything like it. And the people in New York fought, and fought, and fought, and we saw more death and even the smell of death, nobody understood it, and it was with us for months, the smell. the air. And we rebuilt downtown Manhattan, and everybody in the world watched, and everybody in the world loved New York, and loved New Yorkers, and I have to tell you, that was a very insulting statement that Ted made.”


January 14, 2016

GOP Lawmakers Call On IRS To Fix Audit System And Protect First Amendment

A pair of tax-writing lawmakers called on the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Wednesday to stop unfair targeting of Americans and ensure taxpayers’ First Amendment rights aren’t being violated.

The statement release by House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brandy and Oversight Subcommittee Chair Peter Roskam comes after two Government Accountability Office (GAO) reports showed flaws in the agency.

In the wake of a scandal involving the IRS unfairly targeting conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status, the GAO found taxpayers could still be susceptible to wrongful selection “based on an organization’s religious, educational, political, or other views.”

The reports found the IRS lacks strong internal controls and consistent procedures for documenting audit selection. In some instances, the agency failed to document how cases were even selected.

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January 13, 2016

A dispiriting final speech from an out of touch president

What makes for a credible public voice? A key ingredient is truth.

The crucial difference between Winston Churchill and Baghdad Bob was not their nations' respective fortunes in war. It was that Churchill was open with the British public about the difficulties his nation faced. He could have tried to pretend otherwise, but he wisely chose not to diminish his own credibility with happy talk.

This comparison comes to mind because President Obama's address Tuesday night suffered for his enduring failure to understand this. Obama is reputed to have a talent for soaring rhetoric — although can you think of anything memorable he said that wasn't also risible? — but he is hopeless at connecting with people by acknowledging their real concerns about domestic and international problems.

To be clear, we share Obama's view that America is not in some kind of hopeless decline, not even now. But he cannot credibly make the case for this by acting as though his own administration's failures don't exist, and downplaying the very real threats facing the nation.

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