October 15, 2014

Labor Secretary Perez won't answer questions about AG post

Labor Secretary Tom Perez declined Tuesday to discuss any talks he has had with the White House about replacing outgoing Eric Holder as attorney general.

Perez, who was assistant attorney general for civil rights at the Justice Department before moving to Labor, has been the subject of rampant rumors that he is the administration's top pick for the nation's top cop.

Asked during a conference call on unemployment issues whether he had spoken with anybody at the Justice Department or the White House about taking on the job, Perez quickly changed the subject.

"My conversations with the White House have been all about the long-term unemployed, all about the Department of Labor, all about the progress we are making about putting people back to work," Perez responded. "That is my singular focus."

Whether that was the White House's singular focus he didn't say. Perez gave a similar non-response when the question was asked during a conference call Friday on the minimum wage.

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