December 4, 2014

Wayne Madsen Report editor on the TSA’s SSSS list

The first clue that something was amiss before my early morning flight to DC National Airport from Tampa was the fact that I could not collect my boarding pass from the airport check-in kiosk. I was also curious that I didn’t receive the typical pre-boarding email from JetBlue. 

After checking in the old fashioned way at the ticket counter, I proceeded to the TSA screening at Tampa International. A group of elderly Cuban-Americans whizzed by me to catch their flight to Havana. They were permitted to go through the hassle-free pre-screening lane. 

On the other hand, I was told to wait for a “secondary screening.” Prior trips out of Tampa afforded me the pre-screening lane. But not today. 

I was given a public full-body pat down search, although I was afforded the opportunity of having my private parts groped in private. The odd smile on the TSA screener’s face inwardly told me to keep the procedure in full public view. 

It was not until after I had my bags physically searched that I looked at my ticket and noticed an “SSSS” code circled in red ink. I then Googled this and discovered that I am now one of 14,000 Americans, according to 2009 statistics, who is a Secondary Security Screening Selectee or “SSSS.” It appears that the serpentine Zionist Occupation Government or “ZOG” managed to get their revenge for my attendance at the New Horizon conference in Tehran. “SSSS” is so fitting for a Kafkaesque system where the selectee is not told why he or she is on the list or how long they will be “selectees” for additional screening. There is very little doubt in my mind that this special treatment isn’t temporary, especially after my grilling at Boston Logan in early October after my flight back to the U.S. from Tehran. 

Something told me to not take the laptop computer with me. Having it would’ve undoubtedly lengthened the “SS”—secondary screening. 

An article on the AOL Travel website describes SSSS as follows: “Passengers who have been selected for this secondary screening cannot print out boarding passes at home nor check in curbside or at kiosks. They must check-in at counters where additional verification is performed by airline staff.” Even young children have ended up as “Selectees.” The SSSS program was developed during the Bush administration by Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, who didn’t seem to mind that the “Selectee” term is right out of the Nazi SS play book for selecting certain Jews for work at the camps and others for gassing. Zionists never seem to worry about the similarities of their programs to those of the Nazis since they have always shown a silent respect for Nazi ways, except among West Bank settlers who are quite vocal in their admiration for the methods of the SS. 

Obama retained every one of Bush’s TSA screening programs, including SSSS. 

So from now on I can look forward to secondary screening while first generation Cuban-Americans, many of whom have a history of supporting groups and leaders in Florida who are linked to terrorist activities against passenger planes and other targets, breeze through pre-screening en route to Havana. 

What a country! 


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