October 20, 2015

Biden zings Clinton over GOP 'enemies' remark

Vice President Joe Biden doesn't believe Republicans in Congress are his enemies, contrary to what some of his possible presidential competitors might think, including front-runner Hillary Clinton.

During remarks to a group of business leaders who pledged to take action on climate change at a summit on Monday, Biden mentioned Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., and called him "a friend."

"Darrell Issa, not a Republican friend of mine. He's a friend," Biden said. "I don't consider Republicans enemies, they're friends."

The remark was a throwaway line during a speech that lasted a little more than 30 minutes and mostly focused on Biden's thoughts and feelings on climate change.

It draws a stark contrast to one of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's most quoted lines from last week's Democratic presidential primary debate. When asked what enemy she was most proud of, Clinton mentioned the National Rifle Association, health insurance companies, drug companies and Iranians.

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