December 4, 2015

Congress To Protect Worst Bureaucratic Outrage You’ve Never Heard About

A measure protecting Internet Service Providers against judge-less subpoenas issued by federal bureaucrats has 305 congressional co-sponsors and seems headed toward passage, but critics say it protects one of the worst government abuses of the Constitution.
The Email Privacy Act has 192 House Republican co-sponsors and 113 Democrat co-sponsors, and seems set to pass this year or in 2016. A companion measure is making comparable progress in the Senate.
The bill updates the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 to require agencies seeking information from an ISP about an individual’s Internet activities to secure prior approval for a subpoena from a federal judge, as the Fourth Amendment requires.
The measure gained important backing earlier this week when a coalition of prominent conservative political activists and groups signed a letter of support to leaders of the House and Senate judiciary committees.

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