October 28, 2016

The Anatomy Of A Press Cover-Up

“The media cover-up of the Podesta emails continues w/ Page One coverage in the Washington Post,” Politico reporter Jack Shafer sarcastically tweeted Wednesday on the Post story: “WikiLeaks reveals fears and frustrations inside Clinton world.”

Let Shafer be the arbiter, there’s no reason to worry, the important stories are being covered!

From that Post story, “The emails also show a fondness among Clinton’s staff for her strengths and genuine enthusiasm when she did well in interviews or other public appearances.”

It also said: “Though the WikiLeaks disclosures have not contained the sort of campaign-shaking bombshell that some Trump backers had hoped for, the Podesta emails have provided an almost unprecedented historical archive of the inner workings of a major-party presidential campaign.”

This has been a constant theme in coverage of the WikiLeaks release of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s by major liberal news outlets, to ignore the actual newsworthy content in the release and focus on boring process stories. The Washington Post has not written on Hillary Clinton telling Goldman Sachs that American allies fund terrorists and opposition to immigration is “un-American.”

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