November 25, 2016

Brexit Backer Instructs Lawyers After WaPo’s Josh Rogin Implies Kremlin Connections on CNN

CNN has been thrust into another furious row over the accuracy of its coverage after contributor Josh Rogin, also of the Washington Post, implied live on air that Brexit financier Arron Banks was linked to the Russian government.

Speaking on Carol Costello’s show just moments after UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage this morning, Mr. Rogin said:

“What we are seeing is a not-so-covert effort to re-align American foreign policy with all these parties who are engaged in an anti-European project. Probably funded with Russian money. That’s a real thing.

Challenged by fellow panelist Ben Ferguson — who himself poured scorn on the idea of Mr. Farage as UK Ambassador to the United States — Mr Rogin added: “It’s in the Panama Papers. Check it out. Google it. It’s in there. Arron Banks.”

Challenged by an incredulous Mr. Ferguson again Mr. Rogin continued: “I love watching you come to the realization of the truth of the situation,” before adding: ‘I encourage viewers to Google it. Arron Banks, the guy who comes with Nigel Farage to all the meetings with Trump, who we never talk about, look into his Panama Papers. Look into his finances”.

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