March 14, 2017

Trump’s Original Labor Pick Blasts The Media For Biased Coverage

President Donald Trump’s initial choice to lead the Department of Labor blamed the “biased nature” of the news media for his withdrawal from consideration.

“When they announced my withdrawal, there was a tweet from somebody who was in the newsroom, one of the reporters at Politico, saying that they broke out in applause,” Puzder said in his first television interview. “So, you could imagine the biased nature of the coverage.”

Puzder was forced to withdraw after Senate Republicans informed the White House that they did not possess the votes necessary to confirm the CKE restaurant CEO.

He was under a barrage of negative stories ranging from reports that he paid some employees in cash, hired an illegal immigrant housekeeper and allegedly abused a former spouse.

“I think the big problem here was that the left, the Democrats, really didn’t want a successful businessman who started out as a working class kid,” Puzder asserted, adding that the left would do anything they possibly could to keep me out of that office (Secretary of the Department of Labor).

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