April 19, 2017

FBI Relied On Dossier To Obtain Surveillance Warrant On Trump Campaign Adviser

The FBI relied on information contained in an uncorroborated dossier compiled as part of a political opposition research campaign to obtain a federal surveillance warrant to monitor Carter Page, a former Donald Trump campaign adviser.

According to CNN, which broke the news, FBI Director James Comey has also cited the dossier in recent meetings with members of Congress.

Last week it was reported that the FBI and Justice Department applied last summer for a surveillance warrant in Federal Intelligence Surveillance Court to monitor Page, an energy consultant and short-lived foreign policy adviser on Trump’s campaign.

Federal surveillance warrants are granted when there is probable cause to believe that the target is acting as an agent for a foreign government, perhaps in a clandestine manner. The warrants are almost always approved once the FBI and Justice Department file for them.

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