May 29, 2017

On CNN, Boston Globe Columnist Says Trump Normalized Violence, ‘Paved the Way’ for Attacks on Journalists

On CNN, Boston Globe columnist Indira Lakshmanan blamed President Donald Trump for creating a culture in which candidates like Montana’s Greg Gianforte can allegedly body-slam left-leaning reporters like the Guardian’s Ben Jacobs.

Appearing on the network’s “Reliable Sources” program on Sunday, Lakshmanan, an institutionalist who has titles like the “Newmark chair in journalism ethics at Poynter Institute” said Trump’s attacks on the media have “paved the way for this” because Trump has “normalized hatred of and denigration of the press by calling us the enemy of the people.”

“And by saying we’re some of the most dishonest people, he has normalized hatred towards journalists, and that is wrong,” she added.

Lakshmanan said it was “wrong” for Trump to use “this kind of violent language against people in the audience or against the press.”

“I think you’ve got a real problem, that normalization of violence is wrong,” she continued.

For the sake of argument, guest-host Frank Sesno, who also wondered whether the bar for hostility is lower under Trump, wanted to take another position and asked, “given the low esteem and trust that the media earn in survey after survey these days, it’s been happening for years, how about the media doing their jobs differently?”

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