September 11, 2017

Bannon Tears Into The National Security Establishment Saying ‘I Hold These People In Contempt’

Bannon, who has returned to his former position at the helm of Breitbart News, singled out prominent Bush administration veterans, sarcastically calling them “geniuses” who ended up being wrong about America’s crucial foreign policy challenges. When Rose asked Bannon about criticism many former Republican foreign policy gurus have directed at President Donald Trump, his response was unequivocal:

“This is once again where the narrative is dead wrong,” he said, referring to Bush advisers who said Trump was unfit to assume the duties of commander-in-chief.

“The geniuses the Bush administration that let China into the WTO [World Trade Organization], the geniuses in the Bush administration that said ‘Hey, they’re gonna be a liberal democracy, they’re gonna be free market capitalism, okay?’ The same geniuses that got us into Iraq. That’s the geniuses in the Bush administration.”

At first reluctant to identify anyone by name, Bannon unloaded on who’s who of Republican national security leaders when pressed by Rose.

“Condi [Condoleeza] Rice, George W. Bush, his entire national security apparatus,” he began.

An incredulous Rose interrupted with some more examples: “Brent Scowcroft, Colin Powell, Dick Cheney?”

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