January 30, 2018

Crazy Adam Schiff Continues to Melt Down Over Vote to Release FISA Memo – Gets Pummeled on Twitter

Adam Schiff is melting down. He lost big time Monday after the House Intel Committee voted in favor of releasing the FISA memo to the public.

Schiff said his motions to delay the release of the explosive memo were voted down.

The Democrat memo WILL NOT be released at the same time as the GOP memo which sent Schiff into a tailspin.

Old Schiffty also said the GOP House Intel Committee has opened an investigation into the FBI and DOJ.

It gets better! The Democrats have not yet released their memo to the committee for review which is why it wasn’t released Monday. Oh well!

The Democrat Rep. sent out a late night unhinged tweet hemming and hawing over the damning FISA memo set to rock his world. He then got called out for misleading the public about the Democrat counter-memo.

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