June 4, 2018


  • Republicans tried and failed to pass immigration reform, leading Democrats to shutdown the government in an attempt to pass amnesty for Dreamers
  • A group of moderate Republicans are teaming with Democrats to force a vote on Dreamers in exchange for border wall funding
  • Conservative Republicans who voted against the farm bill to push a vote on a comprehensive immigration compromise appear unwilling to back down

Congress returns to Washington on Monday after a week long recess and many members have one issue at the forefront of their mind — immigration.

The defining policy issue of the 2016 election cycle, immigration is already shaping up to the be the key policy platform for the Republican Party. The topic is drawing stark contrasts and battle lines between Republican and Democratic candidates for the House and Senate.

Republicans have run in excess of 14,000 campaign ads on television and radio outlining an immigration plan similar to President Donald Trump’s administration leading up to November.

Yet, despite the party’s best efforts and having control of both chambers of Congress and the White House, the GOP is have a tough time finding unity as some Republicans are defecting from the party-line, siding with Democrats and leveraging a petition to force leadership’s hands into bringing a bill to protect between 620,000 – 800,000 young illegal immigrants

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