August 7, 2019

FBI Fired Four Employees Over Leaks Since 2016, Investigated 10 More

  • The FBI investigated 14 employees for unauthorized leaks since 2016, and fired four.
  • Judicial Watch released documents of the investigations on Tuesday.
  • In several cases, FBI employees were recommended for termination but received lenient punishment, such as suspension without pay.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation investigated at least 14 employees since 2016 for unauthorized disclosures of bureau information and fired at least four, according to documents released Tuesday.

Several of the FBI employees were recommended for termination, but received lighter punishments, such as suspension without pay.

The documents, which are six pages of summaries of the 14 internal investigations, do not reveal the specifics of each unauthorized disclosure. The summaries are heavily redacted, and include only details of the ultimate decisions of the investigations and when they were closed.

Judicial Watch obtained the records as part of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

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