March 23, 2015

Five questions for the Secret Service

Revelations of continuing disarray at the U.S. Secret Service, a fight over the agency pitting President Obama against Republicans, and a growing sense that the organization tasked with protecting the president is out of control have raised some serious questions. Here are the five biggest:

1. Will President Obama stick by Director Joseph Clancy?

2. Why does the FBI have higher disciplinary standards than the agency and what, if anything, is the agency doing about it?

3. Does the agency have the money it needs to hire and train more officers and agents?

4. What is the agency doing to fix the White House fence-jumping problem?

5. Can the agency ever get its reputation back?

If Congress' harsh reaction to Clancy's similar comments at this week's House hearing are any indication, Clancy stills needs to do far more to improve agency standards and instill discipline.

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