March 24, 2015

Utility Company Lobbying Against Protection of 2nd Amendment Rights

NorthWestern Energy, Montana’s largest gas and electric company, is lobbying against a Republican bill that protects 2nd Amendment rights by making it legal for residents to sue cities and municipalities that infringe on those rights.

The 2nd Amendment protections are contained in legislation put forth by state representative Matthew Monforton (R-69th Dist.), who is worried that Michael Bloomberg and other gun control advocates could work successfully in some municipalities to limit the exercise of 2nd Amendment rights unless further precautions are taken.

According to Fox News, Northwestern Energy opposes the legislation because it fears that it could face lawsuits for barring its employees from being armed.

Yet representative Monforton made sure the language only applies to “government entities.”

Montana Shooting Sports Association’s Gary Marbut thinks Northwestern Energy’s lobbying efforts against the bill run “contrary to the interests of its 542,000 gas and electric customers in Montana, most of whom are avid gun owners and hunters.” Moreover, Marbut said the fact that they are a “large corporation and have been given a monopoly by the Public Service Commission” should be enough to prevent them from lobbying against the interest of pro-gun Montanans.

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