May 27, 2015

Clinton, INC: Former President Has Secretive Shell Company

In addition to being vast, the finances of Bill and Hillary Clinton are apparently also incredibly complex and mysterious.
The Associated Press has discovered that former President Bill Clinton has a shell company with “no apparent employees or assets” he use as “a ‘pass-through’ company designed to channel payments to the former president.”
The company, WJC, LLC, was set up in 2008 in Delaware, then set up again in 2013. It was also set up in 2009 in New York, according to the AP, and “did not appear among holdings in the Clintons’ financial disclosure released last week or in previous Hillary Clinton disclosure reports between 2008 and 2013, when she resigned as secretary of state.”
Clinton appears to have established the company to handle consulting work the former president did for major Democratic Party donors while his wife was secretary of state.

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