June 15, 2015

Clinton Campaign Makes RNC Staffers Turn Shirts Inside Out At Hillary Launch

Republican National Committee (RNC) staffers were made to turn their anti-Hillary Clinton t-shirts inside out after properly getting into Clinton’s Roosevelt Island campaign launch.

“The Clinton campaign was trying to kick me out of their event to a free speech zone outside, despite me having a ticket,” RNC deputy press secretary Raffi Williams told The Daily Caller. “But while being escorted by security and staffer we convinced them to allow us to stay if we flipped our shirts inside out.”

Williams and fellow RNC staffers Ruth Guerra and Ali Pardo were wearing “Stop Hillary” t-shirts, which were a big no-go inside the event. The Clinton staffers continued to follow him around the event, even after he flipped his shirt.

“Nobody touched me. But they did try to escort me out,” Williams said.

As for the “free-speech zone” where some Republicans rallied outside with “Hypocrisy” signs?

“Honestly I don’t remember the exact phrasing but it was either that or a ‘protest pen,'” Williams said, referring to what the Clinton staffers called the zone.

No injuries were reported during the standoff.


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