June 10, 2015

The Export-Import Bank is the International Bank of Clinton

Hillary Clinton is angry that conservatives are even debating the Export-Import Bank. She says, "I'd like to put Ex-Im Bank on steroids."

Given what we know about Mrs. Clinton's business model, her undying love for Ex-Im tells us something about the agency. Why would she be dedicated to saving and expanding Ex-Im?

The answer: Any tool that increases Washington's involvement in big business — here and abroad — creates opportunities for politicians to demand tribute from corporate and government coffers and increase political control over business. Ex-Im is a goldmine for a transactional politician like Hillary.

This isn't a theory, or merely a prediction of the future. Study Ex-Im's recent history. Look at its deals, its staff, and its revolving-door alumni, and you see it.

Some Republicans, persuaded by K Street, think of Ex-Im as a friend of business. The should instead see Ex-Im for what it really is: The International Bank of Clinton.

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