May 11, 2016

Five Reasons Ted Cruz Fans Should Support Donald Trump

1) You had me at “Hillary.”
2) If Trump wins, the Establishment loses.
3) A Trump Presidency would be the Best Antidote for Political Correctness.
4) Trump takes the border and the Jihadi threat seriously.
5) Trump gives us at least a chance of preserving the Supreme Court and thereby the Constitution.

In short, a Hillary Clinton presidency would mean the end of the Constitution has you understand it. There’s at least a shot that a Trump presidency would protect the Court majority – especially if you support him and end up helping make the choice.

Granted, Trump poses the danger that he doesn’t mean what he says on issues where you agree, or that he does agree with his less savory supporters on issues on which we passionately disagree. But if good conservatives – especially principled Cruz supporters – like you don’t support him, only they will. He loses, the Establishment and Hillary win. He wins, and those supporters will help shape his presidency.

Those who choose to sit this election out or support a third-party candidate will have my respect for their decision. But don’t choose either path without considering the consequences in the context of the struggle for America in which the nation is currently engaged.

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