May 16, 2016

Susan Rice Denies Deceiving The Public On The Iran Deal, Evidence Says Otherwise

National Security Adviser Susan Rice denied the White House deceived the public on the Iran nuclear deal in an interview Sunday, just over a week after a profile on Deputy National Security Adviser for Communication Ben Rhodes claimed otherwise.

The New York Times Magazine profile, released May 5, quoted Rhodes admitting to manipulating friendly sources and journalists by spinning a false narrative around the deal and the Iranian government in order to sell the deal to the public. The bold admission to such deceptive practices sparked widespread controversy from both proponents and critics of the deal, including the journalists named in the piece. Rice denied any wrongdoing during an appearance with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria.

“There was nothing hidden. There was no effort to or reality of misleading,” said Rice. “There is nothing that Ben or the president or I or anybody who was involved in explaining the Iran deal to the American public said that wasn’t factually correct. The notion that there was any ball to hide or spin to put on it, I think, is really misguided.”

Despite Rice’s denial, the profile’s author David Samuels stated in the article “the way in which most Americans have heard the story of the Iran deal presented … was largely manufactured for the purpose of selling the deal.”

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