July 27, 2016

Green Party’s Jill Stein needles DNC with Sanders-friendly street campaign

No other presidential candidate would dare hit the campaign trail in a white tank top, but for the Green Party’s Jill Stein, it’s more about surviving the heat than making a fashion statement.

Ms. Stein has logged three frenetic days of political activity outside the Democratic National Convention, seizing the opportunity to lure disaffected Bernard Sanders supporters as they increasingly turn their outrage on the Democratic Party.

“Your campaign lost in a rigged primary system with the Democratic National Committee and the corporate media in collusion with Hillary’s campaign,” Ms. Stein told a crowd of Sanders backers holding “Bernie or Bust” signs.

“Do not go back into that campaign that has betrayed this movement,” she said. “Do not go into that party. We are going forward together.”

Her street-corner rallies and city-park revivals have provided a boisterous and bohemian alternative for Sanders backers unwilling to settle for Hillary Clinton, especially not after last week’s email leak showing that Democratic National Committee officials were working against Mr. Sanders during the primary.

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