July 21, 2016

Trump Confronts Ted Cruz as Cruz Gets Booed for Not Endorsing Trump

Ted Cruz was booed during his speech Wednesday night for not endorsing Donald Trump. Then an historic confrontation occurred on the convention floor.

The crowd chanted “endorse Trump” as Cruz went through his prepared remarks without explictly endorsing Trump.

“I appreciate the enthusiasm of the New York delegation” Cruz said of the first delegates to boo. Then Cruz went into a story about his parents as the chants continued for an endorsement.

Boos and commotion could be heard on the floor for about the last ten minutes of Cruz’s speech.

“Endorse Trump! Endorse Trump!” and “We Want Trump” could be heard as Cruz wrapped up.

At the end of Cruz’s speech, Trump immediately appeared on the convention floor to cheers and motioned to the crowd, making it clear that Cruz’s non-endorsement would not be allowed to shift the narrative.

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