September 26, 2016

12 Biggest Bombshells In FBI’s Clinton Investigation Notes

The FBI released 189 pages of notes late Friday from 46 interviews it conducted as part of its Hillary Clinton email investigation.

The documents provide new information about questionable activity on the part of Clinton aides and computer technicians who managed her private email server. The notes also reveal new details about Clinton’s and President Obama’s email practices.

A dozen plus one of the most interesting revelations are listed below.
  1. Obama’s Iran negotiator might have had Gmail hacked while negotiating nuclear deal
  2. Clinton IT tech’s infamous Reddit post explained?
  3. Hillary’s lawyer asked computer technician about “wiping” computer data
  4. Clinton also had a Gmail account
  5. Obama’s email address uses a pseudonym
  6. Did Huma Abedin lie to the FBI?
  7. Cheryl Mills was told of concerns about Clinton’s email system
  8. FBI’s description of Clinton insider Sidney Blumenthal
  9. Allegations of State Department “interference” in email classifications
  10. Ex-Clinton aide was scared of Hillary finding out about her FBI interview
  11. Clinton deleted 1,000 emails with Gen. Petraeus
  12. Official thought it was “not possible” for Pagliano to handle Clinton’s system
  13. Pagliano was against housing Clinton’s server in her basement
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