September 14, 2016

Hillary’s Former IT Aide Defies Congressional Subpoena To Show At Clinton Hearing

Bryan Pagliano, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s former IT aide who managed her private email server, shunned a congressional subpoena to appear Tuesday at a House panel’s hearing on the Department of State’s records preservation practices.

“It’s a serious matter,” House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform (HOGR) Chairman and Utah Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz said in the hearing, facing Pagliano’s empty chair. “Mr. Pagliano has chosen to evade the subpoena.”

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform invited Pagliano, along with IT contractors from Denver-based Platte River Networks (PRN) Clinton used to host her private email server, to testify before the committee in their second of three hearings in one week on Clinton’s emails.

PRN employees Bill Thornton and Paul Combetta did show up to testify, along with Justin Cooper, a senior advisor to former President Bill Clinton who also helped with Clinton’s email server.

But Chaffetz immediately honed in on Pagliano’s noticeable absence how he “thumb(ed) his nose at the United States Congress.” Pagliano has become a central figure in the Clinton server scandal.

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