July 29, 2015

Israeli Spy Sentenced To Life In Prison For Espionage Will Be Released

The United States Parole Commission announced Tuesday that Jonathan Pollard, a spy sentenced to life in prison in 1985 for sending classified documents to the Israeli government, will soon be released.

The date of his parole was scheduled long in advance, but it was up to the government panel to decide whether to extend his punishment, The New York Times reports. The commission voted unanimously in favor of release.

For 30 years, Pollard has sat in a North Carolina prison, after he was caught shipping suitcases of sensitive documents to the Israeli government. At the time, Pollard was a civilian Navy analyst. He tried to attain asylum at the Israeli embassy but was spurned. The FBI then arrested him. Israel initially refused to say he was their spy, but in 1998, finally admitted to the relationship.

As the Department of Justice has no objection, Pollard will walk November 21.

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