July 2, 2015

Left-Wing Activists Target Donald Trump

An activist who works for one of Washington’s top left-wing pressure organizations appears to have succeeded in stripping Donald Trump of his business relationship with the general store chain Macy’s.

Macy’s’ decision to end its business relationship with Trump is part of the recent trend of corporations cutting ties with the Republican candidate over his anti-amnesty comments.
Macy’s announced Wednesday morning that it would stop selling Trump clothing, joining NBCUniversal in parting ways with the billionaire.

Activist Angelo Carusone appeared on CNN Wednesday to discuss the Macy’s controversy. Carusone, an executive vice president at the rabidly pro-Hillary Clinton organization Media Matters for America, put together the MoveOn.org petition pressuring Macy’s to get rid of Trump.

Carusone, who was also a ringleader of an anti-Rush Limbaugh pressure campaign, started his “Dump Trump” campaign in earnest in 2012 — three years before Trump announced for president (Here’s Dump Trump’s Twitter account, registered in 2011).

And Carusone is using the same MoveOn.org petition! In other words, media outlets are reporting that the petition gained more than 700,000 signatures, making it seem like those signatures all happened overnight, rather than over the course of several years.

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