February 24, 2016

Roger Stone Responds To CNN Banning Him And Details How A Trump Campaign Would Beat Sanders

Veteran political consultant and former Donald Trump adviser Roger Stone said there’s a reason he calls CNN the “Clinton News Network,” in an interview with The Daily Caller Tuesday.

“I heard from Media Matters. I’ve never heard from CNN, and they’ve never ever complained,” said Stone.

Media Matters announced Tuesday that it it received a statement from CNN that Stone will be banned from appearing on the network due to tweets featuring disparaging comments towards TV political analysts Ana Navarro and Roland Martin.

Stone called Navarro a “diva bitch,” and “borderline retarded.” He said Martin was a “stupid negro,” and called both of them “quota hires.”

He generally stands by his criticism of the two, saying, “My problem really is the same, whether it’s Roland Martin or Ana Navarro, why do we have people who have no qualification whatsoever to opine on political matters being asked their opinion?”

Stone continued, “Ana is a ‘Republican strategist?’ Okay what campaigns? Who are the people she’s elected? Name them. City council county commission, governor, senator, congressman, president, anybody? And the answer is nobody.”

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