February 10, 2016

Twilight of the Gods: New Hampshire Voters Reject Clinton, Bush Dynasties in Epic Defeats

On Tuesday night, the establishment of both parties got hammered. On the Democratic side of the aisle, the most establishment candidate in American history, Hillary Rodham Clinton, got demolished by a 74-year-old loonbag socialist – she’s currently losing by more than 20 points in the state that saved her campaign in 2008, and a state she led by 56 points one year ago.

Hillary lost among voters of every age group up to 65 and over; she got cleaned by an 85 percent to 14 percent margin among young voters. She lost with every income bracket except those earning over $200,000. She lost among men; she lost among women. There will be plenty of women in hell for failing to vote Hillary tonight. Voters who worried most about honesty voted for Sanders by a margin of 91 percent to 5 percent for Hillary; for which candidate cares more about people like them, they said Sanders by an 82 percent to 17 percent margin.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the aisle, Donald Trump destroyed the competition. He more than doubled the second-place finisher, Ohio Governor and black belt fruit ninja John Kasich, winning 35 percent of the vote to Kasich’s 16 percent. Senator Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), whom the establishment despises, finished a surprising third with 12 percent of the vote, despite spending well under $1 million in the state in television advertising. Cruz actually won about the same percentage as fourth-place finisher Jeb! Bush, who spent $35 million on television advertising in the state. Cruz was rightly celebratory:

Thank you New Hampshire for tonight’s result, which has left the Washington Cartel utterly terrified.

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