February 25, 2016

The Conservative Establishment Turns Against GOP Voters

Conservative Twitter blew up with declarations from various right-wingers saying they’re leaving the GOP. Others, more hopeful of Trump losing the nomination, called for a mass purge of the party and the future implementation of closed primaries reserved exclusively for long-time Republicans. Glenn Beck, hot off his fast for Ted Cruz, tried to spin The Donald usurping him at a caucus site by claiming the businessman is grooming an army of “brown shirts.”

The level of negativity towards Trump and the sinking feeling he’s going to be the eventual Republican nominee has led a few of these conservatives to make a startling choice — they’ll vote for Hillary over Donald.

The Federalist’s Tom Nichols wrote an entire article arguing for that very point. In Nichols’ opinion, Trump as the Republican nominee would spell the end of the conservative movement and that horror must be stopped at all cost.

To the Federalist writer, a Trump presidency would be worse — and more liberal — than another Clinton occupying the White House, and conservatives would at least not be blamed for the failures of Hillary. Thus, cast your ballot for the Democrat if it comes down to her and The Donald in the fall.

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