March 31, 2016

Hillary Won’t Shut Down Clinton Foundation Despite Major Ethical Concerns

Hillary Clinton says that instead of shutting down the Clinton Foundation while she runs for president, she will be “transparent” to avoid any ethical concerns that may arise from donations from Americans as well as foreign nationals who give to the foundation.

During MSNBC’s town hall event moderated by Rachel Maddow on Wednesday, Clinton said, “I would hate to lose that creativity, that imagination, that… extraordinary flexibility that the Clinton Foundation provides.”

Maddow asked Clinton, “Is there a case to be made, an ethical case to be made that the Clinton Foundation and the global initiative should essentially be wound down as a family foundation while you run for president?” 

The liberal MSNBC host noted that “the way that some of that work gets done is by soliciting donations from people in this country, from people around the world, from organizations around the world. I think it is not unreasonable to suspect that people may give donations to The Clinton Foundation hoping that they will favorably influence your opinion toward them, as a presidential candidate, or eventually as president if you’re elected.” 

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