March 29, 2016

MSNBC Guest: There’s A ‘Higher Bar’ To Prosecute Hillary Because She’s ‘Running For President’

National Journal columnist Ron Fournier says “there is a higher bar you have to get over before you prosecute” Hillary Clinton because she is “running for president.”

As a panelist on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Monday, Fournier said that Clinton’s email scandal “plays into the this whole question that we really can’t trust her. That she’s been saying things like well, ‘They weren’t marked classified,’ when we all know, and voters understand, that really doesn’t matter.”

“Legally, though, there’s a big bar that you have to get over to prosecute anybody for these crimes, much less somebody who’s running for president, and as critical as I’ve been of Hillary Clinton, and I am very critical of Hillary Clinton, I do understand that when somebody is running for president, there is a higher bar you have to get over, because we can’t have a system in which we’re constantly charging people who are running for president with a crime.”

Later, Fournier suggested that “politically, there’s severe questions about her judgment that voters really have to look into it. Legally, I can’t sit here on the set and say that she has definitely violated the law, and I do know that there is a harder — there is a higher bar you have to get over before you prosecute somebody who’s running for president. That’s just a fact.”

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