March 28, 2016

Kerry Won’t Call Russia An Ally In Syria But Admits They’re Helping U.S. Interests

Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday said that if Russia “can help us” end the Syrian civil war it would be in the strategic interest of the U.S., but refused to call Russia an ally in the region.

“I see no threat whatsoever to the fact that Russia has some additional foundation in Assyria where we don’t want a base, where we are not looking for some kind of a long-term presence,” Kerry said on CBS’s “Face the Nation” Sunday. “If Russia can help stabilize and provide for a peace process that actually ends this war, which is –”

Host John Dickerson interjected, asking, “They’re an ally in Syria?”

“No,” Kerry responded. “Which is putting existential pressure on Europe, as well as existential pressure on Jordan, on Lebanon and creating an environment that threatens Israel. You talk about threats to Israel, that turmoil is a threat to Israel.”

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