November 8, 2018


  • Filmmaker David Lugo recently provided the FBI and the special counsel with hundreds of text messages and emails he exchanged with Trump confidant Roger Stone and Randy Credico, the comedian who Stone claims was his intermediary to Julian Assange.
  • Lugo said he testified to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s grand jury on Oct. 19 that Credico admitted he was Stone’s back channel.
  • Lugo also testified that Credico threatened him after he began publicly questioning Credico’s denials about being Stone’s conduit to WikiLeaks.

An associate of Roger Stone’s has provided the FBI and the special counsel’s office with more than a year’s worth of emails and text messages he exchanged with the Trump confidant and Randy Credico, the left-wing comedian who Stone claims was his source of information about WikiLeaks’ plans during the 2016 campaign.

Filmmaker David Lugo, who has worked with both Stone and Credico, told The Daily Caller News Foundation that he provided the communications to the FBI during an interview at his home on Oct. 11.

He also appeared before a federal grand jury being used in the special counsel’s investigation on Oct. 19.

Lugo said he testified in support of Stone’s claim that Credico was his conduit of sorts to WikiLeaks. He also testified that Credico made threatening remarks to him over text message and email in what he claims was an intimidation campaign.

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