November 13, 2018


Conservative operative Roger Stone believes journalist Jerome Corsi is being unfairly targeted by special counsel Robert Mueller, he told The Daily Caller in a statement.

“Where is the Russian collusion? Where is the Wikileaks collaboration? Where is proof that I knew about the theft or content of John Podesta’s emails or the content or the source of any of the allegedly hacked or stolen e-mails published by Wikileaks?” Stone asked.

Stone’s statement follows Corsi’s revelation that he expects to be indicted by Mueller in the coming days. “I fully anticipate that in the next few days I will be indicted by Mueller for some form or another for giving false information the special counsel or the grand jury,” he revealed in his daily YouTube show, adding, “I had nothing to hide, I feel like I’ve committed no crimes.”

Corsi was a subject of interest to Mueller regarding whether he or Stone had any advanced knowledge of the impending release of emails from Wikileaks during the 2016 presidential campaign. Corsi testified twice to a grand jury in Washington D.C. at the behest of the special counsel’s team.

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