August 3, 2015

Federal Judge Who Banned Planned Parenthood Video Releases Once Raised $230,000 For Obama

A California Federal judge who raised $230,000 for President Obama’s presidential campaign approved an injunction Friday afternoon against the Center For Medical Progress, banning the pro-life group from releasing any more Planned Parenthood sting videos.

The National Abortion Federation filed a restraining order against the CMP early Friday morning, and only a few hours later Judge William Orrick, III approved the request to temporarily ban CMP from releasing any more videos. (RELATED: Nine More Undercover Videos Ready To Drop On Planned Parenthood)

Orrick was not only an Obama appointee in 2012 but also a prominent campaign bundler, the Federalist first reported. According to Public Citizen, Judge Orrick raised $200,000 for Obama in 2008 as well as over $30,000 for committees supporting Obama.

Orrick’s approval of NAF’s injunction came just a day after White House Press Secretary John Earnest said in regards to Planned Parenthood, “the President certainly will not support another effort by Republicans to try to defund an organization that offers important and needed healthcare services to women across the country.”

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