June 28, 2016

Stephen Miller: Hillary Clinton a Corrupt ‘Economic Globalist’ Who Enriches Herself by ‘Selling Out America’

During his appearance on Breitbart News Sunday, Stephen Miller, senior policy adviser to Donald Trump, finds Big Media’s coverage of the Brexit vote as unsatisfactory as its coverage of the U.S. presidential campaign. He cited CNN’s coverage of Trump’s major speech last week as an example.

“Mr. Trump did a speech recently, laying out some of the most important facts from the book Clinton Cash, and also drawing some linkages between Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street ties and some of her trade decisions,” Miller told SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon. “I think that CNN has an obligation to talk about what these trade deals have done to our working class, and to make Hillary Clinton answer for her support for NAFTA, her support for China, her support for normalizing trade relations with Vietnam, her support for the TPP, her support for the Korean deal, her support for the Columbia deal — shall I go on?”

“Now, on the point about Brexit, the people of Britain, as Mr. Trump said, have chosen to declare their independence — to reassert control over their trade deals, over their immigration policies, and over all domestic procedures. And now he’s calling on Americans to do the same thing for their own country,” Miller continued.

Noting that the Trump campaign has been meeting with evangelical leaders, Bannon asked if religious conservatives have lost most of their influence in Washington because “there are many evangelicals out there that just decided, hey, I don’t want to get involved politics.”

“The evangelical movement in America has been, arguably, one of the most engaged political communities that we have,” Miller replied. “And oftentimes up against really extraordinary odds — a media class that mocks and demeans people of faith, and a political class that is not attuned to their concerns, and often pushes an agenda counter to their concerns. Obviously, a good example of that would be ObamaCare.”

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