September 5, 2017

Hillary Clinton Lobbies for DACA as Obama Plans Rebuke

Within minutes of news breaking on Sunday night that President Donald Trump will likely end the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program, failed 2016 Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton boosted efforts by Jorge Ramos to try to sway Trump’s decision.

Former President Barack Obama is planning to post a message of rebuke should sitting President Trump roll back the illegal amnesty executive order DACA that Obama set in place, according to Politico.

News broke Sunday night that Trump will likely announce the end of the program. Politico reported that according to sources the announcement Trump had planned for Tuesday will be that the program will be ended, but with an effective date six months down the road. This will supposedly give Congress, including House Speaker Paul Ryan, the time they need if they should choose to pass legislation addressing the program.

Obama launched the program in 2012 deferring immigration enforcement when it came to those who had arrived in the United States as children.

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