April 4, 2018

Congress And Wasserman Schultz Negligent For Allowing Hacking Suspects Continued Access, Expert Says

  • House Democrats put Imran Awan and his family in a position availing access to sensitive files and emails.
  • The House eventually banned The Awans, but Rep. Wasserman Schultz kept Imran on payroll and allowed the family continued access to the building.
  • An Administration Committee loophole enabled The Awans to slip through policy background checks, as committee members vouched for them.

A publication for IT security professionals says House leaders of both parties were negligent and in violation of basic IT protocol by allowing Imran Awan and his family to continue in their roles as server administrators for four months despite knowing they were suspected of serious misconduct by the House Inspector General.

“The lack of concern and perspective on the potential risks posed by Imran Awan is alarming,” an article in SearchSecurity says. “This case is an example of negligence trumping security and, worse yet, common sense. Awan’s alleged activities and the way many handled themselves, from the hiring to the response in the wake of the investigation, should concern us all.”

Forty-four House Democrats employed the Pakistani-born Imran Awan and his family in a position where they could read all the emails and files of one in five Democratic congressmen.

The author, cybersecurity expert Kevin McDonald of Alvaka Networks, especially faults the judgement of Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who kept Imran on her payroll for an additional six months after House leadership banned him from the network. He also questions her claim the IT aide was somehow providing tech services without ever connecting to the House network.

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