January 22, 2020

These Traitors To America Have Some Explaining To Do: Their Seditious Conspiracy To Overthrow Our Sitting President & Launch This National Nightmare Is Nothing Less Than Treason

Adam Schiff was so very upset about Devin Nunes informing the President and his administration that they were being surveilled by the leftists, but showed no concern over Schiff’s leaking to the New York Times throughout the Russian collusion hoax. There has been nothing more than silence from Schiff as he acted like a sycophant for both Obama and Hillary. For years his "incontrovertible evidence" that Trump colluded with Russia has been proven to be nothing more than lies to hurt the Trump administration. Refusing to bring this "evidence" forward is nothing more than the lies of a narcissistic self-centered liar who will never admit to the wrongdoing or lies that not only damaged the Trump administration but advanced the divisiveness within our country.


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