September 15, 2015

GOP Push Against Boehner Leadership Reaches Critical Number

Twenty-nine Republican legislators now oppose House Speaker Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) re-election, so Breitbart News can confirm he can only continue as the leader if Democrats vote for him or if he pulls some spectacular maneuver.

Before this report, there were 28 GOP members publicly opposed to Boehner’s re-election. Twenty-five of them voted against Boehner at the beginning of the Congress, and three more have come out in public since.

The additional conservative House member—who at this time wishes not to be publicly named for leverage purposes in forthcoming negotiations with leadership—has confirmed that if and when a vote on Boehner’s future comes up this fall, he will vote against Boehner’s retention.

The number of votes against Boehner “is easily into the 30s, and could well be into the 40s or even up to 50,” the GOP member said. “I think the votes are there.”

“I stand with virtually everyone in the Freedom Caucus and many outside the Freedom Caucus, which is if a vote to vacate the chair ever came up I’d have to vote for it,” the Republican member, who is very connected in the conference and will probably bring several more votes with him, told Breitbart News in an interview.

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