September 14, 2015

Hillary Email Storage Company: The Emails Could Be Recovered

The Denver-based company that stored Hillary Clinton’s private email server said that the emails might still be recoverable, because there’s no evidence that the server was properly wiped clean.

“Platte River has no knowledge of the server being wiped,” Platte River representative Andy Boian told The Washington Post. “All the information we have is that the server wasn’t wiped.”

If the server was not wiped clean, and investigators can still get all of the information off it, then Clinton-World’s attempts to stonewall the investigation could be rendered null and void.

Clinton did, in fact, delete all of her emails earlier this year, but it is possible that she never managed to physically damage the server itself to the degree that all of the information on it would be lost forever. Thus, the server, which is now in the possession of the FBI and Department of Justice investigators, could still pull up some of the confidential emails that Clinton thought would never see the light of day.

But Platte River’s statement to The Post might also be an example of the company running interference for the Clintons.

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