April 20, 2016

Pat Buchanan: Even If Trump Wins, The West Is Doomed

Former presidential candidate and conservative author Pat Buchanan feels his views have been vindicated this election cycle, but his next prediction, if proven right, won’t be a celebratory matter as he sees the death of the western civilization on the horizon.

Buchanan ran in 1992 for the Republican party nomination on a platform opposing globalization, unfettered immigration, and the move away from social conservatism. He has been harping on these views ever since.

“What we’ve gotten is proof that we were right,” Buchanan told The Daily Caller Tuesday. While he said, “I would not say that Donald Trump is a paleoconservative,” and, “I don’t think [Trump’s] a social conservative.”

Buchanan told TheDC, “I was just astonished to see him raise the precise issues on which we ran in the 1990s… Donald Trump has raised three issues of real concern to paleoconservatives and traditional conservatives like myself.”

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